Encore! Summer Kids & Teens Cookng Camp


Encore is our 3-day Summer Cooking Camp for both Kids and Teens. The objective of our summer cooking camp is to learn to cook. The classes are designed to be fun and educational. The menus are carefully prepared to enable children learn various cooking techniques and methods that go into the preparation of foods. They would also learn product and kitchen tool identification, kitchen hygiene and safety as well as dining etiquette. At the end of class, children sit down together to eat the foods they have prepared for the day. Children are allowed to take away the foods they have prepared with the exception of raw foods or foods containing raw cream and raw eggs, due to health and safety precautions.

Encore! Summer cooking camp will run for 3 days in August costs N24,000 (Twenty Four Thousand Naira Only) per student for a total of 3 classes. If you don't want to go the whole stretch, you can choose any of the individual classes for N8, 000 (Eight Thousand Naira Only).

*DISCOUNT - Students who had attended either the 4-week or 2-week Summer camp and enroll for all three classes pay N22,500.

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Course Fee:=N= 24000


Course is Full!